Nature is the best healer of a stressed and anxious mind. The dew freshness of the morning sun rays, sweet smell of the soil and the tenderness of the cool and murmuring breeze can easily behold the minds and offer them with peace and serenity.

This page Topslip activities helps you to enjoy. Family outing is concentrated on the ways to relinquish all the hassles of family life and finally boost up the morale of the family members. With so much natural bounties, the outing will also encourage the members to rejuvenate themselves and perform as a team rather than individuals.


Trecking in Valparai valparai activities

Topslip Landscape is one of the most gorgeous and tranquil hill station. Jotted with lush and evergreen Teak Plantations, forests and fascinating hills, it is one such place that cannot be missed!

If you are an amateur but passionate when it comes to trekking then Anamalai hills are your undeniable choice. These hills would be your customized platform for entry level trekking. You will have different options as far as the routes are concerned categorized under easy and difficult.



You can start off with a few simple treks such as

Trekking ranges

  • Kolambumalai- 10 km,
  • Stuart- 10 km.
  • Ambuli watch- 6 km.
  • Kozhikammuthy-12 km.
  • Karian Shola- 4 km.

The routes have five common factors:

  • Beauty
  • Tranquility
  • Green
  • Suspense
  • Thrill

Trekking Fees:

Short Trekking: Duration – 2hrs | 5 person * 200 = Rs.1000/-

Medium Trekking: Duration – 4 hrs | 5 person * 500 = Rs.2500/-

Long Trekking: Duration – 6 hrs | 5 person * 1000 = Rs.5000/-

Trekking Timings – Morning 7 am to Evening 2 pm

Bird watching

Velvet fronted Nuthatch

Birding in Topslip gives the photographer and wildlife lover in you a treat of a lifetime! The vivid colors, the tranquil and dim music in the air from the beautiful birds as they circle above your head around the trees, will give your soul the peace it deserves! There are lots and lots of species such as Parakeets, Hornbills, Bee Eaters and a lot more….

Tribal Experience

Tribals valparai

Prep up for an exhilarating tribal experience in Topslip! Arrive with your family and friends for a fun-filled time.

Get ready for an experience of witnessing the local Muduvas, Kadar, Malaimalasar and more tribe from a close hand! The entire plateau region is inhabited by these humble people since ages. However, beyond 1,800m prep up to get a unique look into the Irula and Kurumba tribes. Every tribe here has their unique dialects which differ from each other.

Nature Walk

Walking along with the guidence of local forest staff with in the rest house area, you can see deer, sambar, peocock, wildbore, and few kinds of bird in the early morning.

Elephant Safari

An exclusive elephant safari in the periphery areas of Annamalai tiger reserve. This elephant safari takes you through the mysterious thick forests, 

Vehicle Safari

The package will start from Topslip Reception through the great teak plantations covering few kms. to reach Varagaliyar Elephant Camp. Varagaliar Elephant Camp is situated in a remote area and lies to the right of the Topslip forest. There are some domesticated elephants (Kumki) at this camp. These elephants provide proper assistance during the conflicts between wild elephants and local inhabitants living near Valparai Plateau. Here we can see feeding of elephants in the morning and evening. Enroute to this camp, by luck we can able to see wild animals.